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Chelmsford High Street (Opposite McDonald's), Chelmsford CM1 1BE

Meal Deals

(Meat or Fish with Rice & Plantain)



Jerk Chicken (GF)



Curry Goat/ Mutton (GF)



Oxtail (GF)  



Red Bream



(Served with Fried Plantain)

Ewa - Nigerian Honey Beans tenderly cooked in spices  (GF)



Jollof Rice (GF)



Rice + Peas (GF)




Soft Drinks - Ginger/Pineapple,Grape


Homemade Jerk Sauce - 100ml


Ghana Pepper Sauce - 100ml


Finger Foods


Jamaican Patties  Meat/ Veg


Nigerian Meat Pies Beef/ Chicken


Coco Bread


Coco Bread + Patty (Save 50p)


Jerk Chicken

1 Piece


3 Pieces


4 Wings



Red Bream (Nigerian style with peppers and spices)



10 Pieces Pan Fried


Austine - the Founder

What is…?

Coco Bread

There’s neither cocoa or coconut in this bread. Think of a massive Brioche sandwich.

Curry Goat

Origin Jamaica. Key ingredients: goat, curry and spices.

Ewa Honey Beans (Vegetarian Curry)

Origin Nigeria. The sweetest of beans which are called Oloyin in Yoruba, which means honey.

Jamaican Patties

Light fluffy pastry with meat or vegetarian fillings.

Jollof Rice

Origin West Africa. Key ingredients: rice, tomato and various spices.

Nigerian Meat Pie

Patty with minced meat as well as vegetables.


Origin South America and Africa. Same family as bananas but more firm and savoury when fried.

Rice and Peas

Origin Jamaica. Key ingredients: rice, red kidney beans (don’t ask me why it is called peas!) coconut milk and spices.

5 Facts about us

  1. We are committed to providing healthy, tasty food options (ask us how).
  2. We cook all our food fresh daily using quality ingredients that are locally sourced.
  3. We love food and we love people.
  4. We provide gluten free, paleo, vegetarian and vegan options.
  5. We do not use MSG.

We cater for parties, festivals, corporate and private events

Why not bring the taste of Africa and the Caribbean to your birthday or office party; wedding or festival event?

We offer gluten free, paleo, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options so everyone can enjoy the taste and flavours of Africa and the Caribbean.

Large orders welcome!

Call and collect: 07947 526942

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Find us:

Friday and Saturday from 10am-5pm

Chelmsford High Street (Opposite McDonald's), Chelmsford CM1 1BE

Tuesday and Thursday from 11am-3pm

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